Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Meet Lucy

Yes. I am spoiled. My hubby knows how much I love Labrador Retrievers, and well, when I found this litter of beautiful yellow Labs right here in High Point... you know the rest of the story. 

When I was a little girl, I was chased by a Doberman Pinscher. It was a terrifying experience. I was scared of black dogs from then on. My parents waited quite a few years and then decided to get a lighter colored dog to help me overcome my fear of dogs. We got a yellow Lab pup with a brown nose. They made a good choice because Ginger is the reason I'm a dog lover today. She was our family pet for 14 years and was the best dog. 

So, when we found the house we are in the process of buying a few months ago, we talked about getting a big dog. I started searching Craigslist and stumbled upon these beauties. We talked about waiting until we moved and got settled to get another dog, but did I mention I'm spoiled? :) Why not add some more fun to the chaos? Anyway, I'm thrilled for our kids to have such a wonderful dog to grow up with! So, meet Lady Lucille of Stone Hill. She's already well loved and a great addition to our family! 
 {And thanks, Babe! You are the best!} 

Friday, April 24, 2015

Spring Time Fun

 The kids went out to ride their bikes this afternoon and decided to decorate their helmets with azalea flowers 
{well, everyone except John}.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

A Biography

{Dinah is coming to the end of her english book and she had to write a biography. She had just read Amy Carmichael so she chose to do it on her. She asked to type is so I thought we'd share it.}    

Amy Carmichael
by Dinah Roberts

Amy Carmichael was born in Millisle, Ireland in1867. Amy had 7 brothers and sisters. As a child, Amy often wished she had blue eyes, but God gave her brown instead. God gave her brown eyes because it helped her blend in with the people of India. Amy had to travel halfway across the world to go to school. She went to Marlborough House Boarding School in Japan.

As an adult, Amy was often sick. Amy's sickness caused her to stay in bed a lot. She could not go everywhere she wanted to go because of her sickness. When Amy got better she went to India. Amy was nicknamed Amma by the people of India because they loved her. Amy never married.

Amy Carmichael spent most of her life in India. She worked in India teaching the Gospel to all who would listen. Amy wrote songs, poems, letters, and full-length books about her life in India.

Amy was faithful to God. She rescued children from bad things. She kept a children's home in Dohnavur, India. She also founded a hospital in Dohnavur. She set up homes for new Christians who were put out of the city. Many children are still brought to her orphanages.

Friday, April 10, 2015

The Many Faces of Abel


'Round Here

Motorcycles are called "piki pikis" {Swahili for motorcyle}. Love that our kids have taught Titus this and he's just a.d.o.r.a.b.l.e. saying it.

Titus has finally realized baths are pretty fun {as long as you don't poo-poo in the tub}.

Ruth and Dinah wear the same size clothes. We just made a trip to the consignment store today and they got some summer clothes to share! :) This makes me smile.

Sometimes Titus will point and fuss for something. I'm trying to get him to use words to tell me what he wants so I tell him he needs to use words. Most of the time he will stop crying and say "words". Makes me laugh every time!

Ezra has learned to ride his bike with no training wheels!!

Our birds nest on the snowman wreath now has 5 eggs in it!

The process of cleaning out and purging has begun as we anticipate the purchase of our first home! I might be crazy, but I kind of like moving because it means we clean out and get rid of things we don't need or want. And it also means I clean and organize some things that don't normally get cleaned or organized.

School is coming to a close for the year as the kids are down to their last pages in their workbooks!

Dinah, John, and Ruth constantly have their noses in books. Love that we have bookworms!!

Abel is a fantastic baby! Mostly just cries when he's tired or hungry and happy most of the other time.

Cameras with 2 SD cards are fantastic when I'm forgetful about putting the card back in the camera.

Online shopping is fantastic!

We spent Easter in Charlotte with family and had a great time!

Dinah has a penpal...her best friend in Wake Forest. It's fun to see her excited about writing letters and getting mail!

Essential oils are great! I'm even teaching a class with a friend from church at our churches' Mom's group next week.

Titus continues to increase his vocabulary and is putting more and more words together.

 Abel has started sucking his thumb the past few days. He's our first thumbsucker!