Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sunrise Acres

 These are pictures from our first night and first morning at Sunrise Acres.
They were all lined up reading the new books in the cabin.
John's teeth look really gross because of the chocolate chip cookie he had just eaten for dessert. 
My sweet Honey didn't lay down on the job just because we were on vacation!
Looking out the window at the cows in the pasture on Friday morning. 
The dining room table and living room. It was a nice big, spacious room.
Ruthie watching the breakfast preparations.
John helping cook the french toast. Yum, yum.
Our first breakfast....french toast with homemade cinnamon swirl bread. It was delicious!


  1. Do we ever get to see you Candace???

  2. Well, I was behind the camera most of the weekend. We do have a couple with me in them, I just have gotten that far in the progression. Maybe tomorrow! :)